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360 LIMS is an integrated website and mobile application to manage the medical laboratories system, as it fulfills all the needs of medical laboratories from all their professional aspects, as it allows the users of the system the results of medical tests and facilitates communication and cooperation between laboratory employees and extracts all the required reports from the laboratory. Patients can follow up test reports, lab branches, and submit a home visit request.

Technologies Used

  1. Laravel framework version 7
  2. HTML , CSS , Javascript , JQUERY (Website)
  3. React Native ( Mobile )
  4. Google Maps
  5. Twilio SMS Gateway

Local installation

Online Installation


you will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements:

  • PHP >= 7.2.5
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension

let's start installing our 360 LIMS project on server

Mobile Installation Guide


You will need to make sure your PC have the following requirements:

  • nodejs 10 or above
  • React Native 0.63.2
  • Android Studio IDE
  • Xcode IDE
  • Customization

    API URL - replace the word [YOUR_DOMAIN] with your domain

  • Run Mobile Application on Local development environment

    • For build Android

      • cd [RN_PROJECT]
      • $ npm install
      • $ cd android
      • $ ./gradlew clean
      • $ ./gradlew assembleRelease && react-native run-android --variant=release
    • For build IOS

      • cd [RN_PROJECT]
      • $ npm install
      • $ cd ios
      • $ pod install
      • $ xcodebuild clean archive -workspace [YOUR_RN_PROJECT]/ios/[YOUR_APP_NAME].xcworkspace -scheme [APP_NAME] -archivePath [ARCHIVE_PATH]/[ARCHIVE_NAME].xcarchive | xcpretty
  • Notes

    • [RN_PROJECT] is the path of 360 LIMS project
    • [APP_NAME] is 360 LIMS
    • [ARCHIVE_PATH] is the path of archive where to save IPA file
    • [ARCHIVE_NAME] the name of IPA (By default is the same as APP_NAME)


Website Demo:


Mobile Demo:

Settings Guide

  1. let's now start setting up lab main information

  2. second you have to change mail setting and mail templates

  3. You can change the report default format

  4. You can set up Twilio api for sending sms notifications to patient and notifications format

  5. You can change whatsapp messages template for sending receipt and report as links

  6. You can enter Google Map Key

Website Features

  1. Dashboard
    Statistics about the things that the laboratory manager needs to know

  2. Profile
    If the user wants to change his personal data or password and upload signature photo

  3. Branch
    Creating multible branches

  4. Tests
    You can create tests , it's components and predefined comments easily

  5. Cultures , Anitbiotics and Cultures Options
    You can create cultures , it's options and antibiotics.

    Culture : it is a popular medical term that means taking a sample from human and trying multiple antibiotics on it then decide which is more sensitvie.

  6. Packages
    You can create packages that includes multiple tests and cultures

  7. Patients
    You can manage your patients data

  8. Doctors
    You can manage doctors information that you deal with them and assign a commission for the invoices that belongs to his patients based on a contract with him

  9. Price list
    You can manage tests , cultures and packages prices from one page

  10. Contract
    You can create contracts for companies with a discount based on percentage or a custom price

  11. Home Visit
    Manage patient home visit requests and schedules

  12. Invoices
    Generate invoice for patient.
    If the patient is assigned to a contract then the invoice prices will be based on this contract prices .
    You also can enter multiple payments for invoice , so the patient can pay on multiple steps.

  13. Print Invoice
    Print invoice , print barcode , send invoice through whatsapp and send invoice to patient email

  14. Medical Reports
    Enter tests results , adding signature to the report and printing reports .
    we also provide auto select of result status ( Critical low , Low , Normal , High ,Critical high ) based on normal ranges added in the tests section .

  15. Print Medical Reports
    Generate beautifull tests report

  16. Internal Chat System

  17. Manage System Users And Roles

  18. Inventory Module
    Managing inventory details like suppliers , products , purchases ,adjustments and transfers .

  19. Accounting Module
    Manage payment methods , expenses categories and expenses .

  20. Reports Module
    Generating detailed statistics and reports of accounting , doctors , suppliers , purchases , inventory and products

  21. Translation
    Edit system terms and translations

  22. System Activity logs
    Track all system users and the actions they take

  23. Database Backup

  24. Patient Dashboard

  25. Patient Profile
    Patient can change his personal information

  26. Patient Report
    Patient can follow up and print his receipt and tests reports

  27. Tests library
    Patient can view the medical analysis information and make sure of the precautions required for each test before going to take the sample

  28. Home Visit
    Patient can request for home visit

  29. Branches

Mobile Features

360 LIMS is cross platform mobile application that implemented by React Native

360 LIMS support Android and IOS & multi languages

  1. Signup

  2. Login

  3. Forget code

  4. Dashboard
    Patient statistics

  5. Reports
    View , print and share results and receipts

  6. View Report Details

  7. Request Home Visit


V 1.0 (01-08-2021)
Initial version